Welcome to the Marple Newtown Amateur Radio Club

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the club's control, our meeting venue at the Newtown Public Library will be closed on our regularly-scheduled meeting date. Further, our alternate meeting location at the Gauntlett Center also will be closed on that date. 

But there is good news:

Meeting Information

Visit this page prior to the scheduled meetings to see what program is on the schedule. Use the information below to join the program.

Please tune to either 147.195 MHz or 442.25 MHz FM at
 7:00 pm. The program will not run more than one hour, and will be very informative. We'll send some more details in a reminder note as the date approaches.

This region of the state may move to "yellow" status early in June. As of this posting, the township is not yet able to tell us if Drexel Park will be open for activities. Should the park open, please be aware of what a "yellow" status means and be prepared for it by reading and understanding your responsibilities at THIS LINK.

The June Field Day presentation will be on the air during
our normal club meeting time: 7:00 pm on Thursday June 4,
via the 147.195 (100.0) and 442.25 (131.8) repeaters, and
via EchoLink at K3MN-R.

Our principal presenter on June 4 will be this year's Field
Day site chairman Neil Blaho AA3EO. While we all know there
is yet much uncertainty about exactly what our options will
be for Field Day this year, Neil believes that amateur radio
in general and Field Day in particular are about being
prepared for uncertain times and unexpected situations. With
that flexibility in mind, Neil will present his thoughts about
what might happen and how we might best be prepared for it.

Importantly, Neil will be asking for indications of commitment
from those who would be able and willing to participate in
an in-person Field Day operation should one be possible under
whatever restrictions we face on June 27-28.

Our thanks to Dan Amoroso W3DI for the use of the repeaters
and our thanks to YOU for hanging in there with us!